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Services offered

PC Building

Custom computers can be built to your personal tastes, instead of buying the standard beige or black boxes from the major retailers. This lets you choose the case, components, colors, software, accessories... everything you need, and nothing you don't.
Custom cases free you from the constraints of proprietary systems and their components. Having no proprietary parts makes any necessary repairs, changes, and future upgrades much easier.

PC Repair

It happens to all of us after a while -- our computers start acting up and we're not too sure why. These episodes can include freezing up, random restarts, eating your homework, or even the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD)! Whether you built your own computer, had someone build one for you, or bought it at an electronics store, I can diagnose your problems and detail what it will take to fix them.
Viruses and spyware sometimes get through even the toughest security measures. When they do, they can wreak havoc on your computer. If you know you have a virus, or even think you do, I can walk you through the steps in determining how to get rid of it.

Web Pages

Everyone is on the Internet these days! If you would like to plant your flag out here as well, whether it's for your business, a hobby, or simply for sharing family pictures, I can work with you to design and build your own pages. We also host web pages; whether we help you build them or you do the dirty work yourself, let us host them on reliable servers at affordable prices.


Most people have more than one computer in their homes now. In order for all of these computers to access the internet easily, a home network is needed. The network can be hard-wired, meaning every computer is physically connected to the access point, or the network can be wireless, which eliminates the physical connection and removes a few wires from that rat's nest behind your desk.
Wireless networks are fast becoming the choice for most households, and when combined with the readily available broadband internet connections, they are an inexpensive and easy solution to home networking. I can offer advice and answer questions you may have in selecting a network type, purchasing network components, and also in setting up your home network.

Software Help

I can help in installing software, choosing which product to buy for a task, fixing broken programs, and even offering personal instruction for most common programs.

eBay® Help

If you'd like to start buying and/or selling items on eBay®, I can help you get started. If you're already selling items, I can help you improve how you list items and post pictures to save you time and better your sales record.

Web Mail Accounts

I offer web mail accounts also. You can have an email account


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